Print versus Google

We all work in business and we all want to promote our companies for growth and to generate cash, but in the days of modern technology, have we forgotten how to do this?


By Topic UK

We all regularly use social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and they are no doubt very useful to most of us, a free way to get your name out there! We never have to leave our cosy office again do we? We can sit there and send out email promotions and the work will flood in! Wrong! Statistics show that less than 10% of e-shots are opened. They also show that magazine sales are still strong with only 5% of readership subscribing to the online versions.

What has happened to social capital, have we forgotten what that is? Someone recently called me a Tumler, a word I’d never heard of. I looked it up and it’s a Yiddish word for connector – to connect people using social capital.

Digital marketing has a place. Double glazing, stationery, home shopping, even groceries, if we want to purchase these things we ‘Google’ them. We’re not going to pick up a newspaper or magazine to look for a double glazing company.

But what about those products and services you don’t know exist or have forgotten about? How can they be ‘Googled’?

This is why print is still valuable and will not die. We have a partner who sells an IT service that is quite unique. Not many people know that the service existed, they wouldn’t search for it, how could they? How would he overcome this? By using print and social capital. The print works because people read about his service, and have the opportunity to find out more by calling and social capital; ie networking in person works because he can tell them about it! People buy from people, that is a very true saying.

Before you plan your next marketing strategy, ask yourself a few simple questions:

Would I ‘Google’ your product or service? Have you ever done any business directly from social media? Do I get business from word of mouth? Do I prefer to read print or on screen? Does networking work for me? Simple, but effective.