The importance of reviewing your telecoms

Words by Phil Allum - TGE Solutions Words by Phil Allum - TGE Solutions

In an ever changing world it is important that you review your company telecoms on a regular basis. New technology and reductions in mobile and fixed line costs offer increased efficiencies coupled with cost reductions.

Phil Allum

Phil Allum

Cost Savings

The wholesale cost of phone line rentals and calls have been coming down for years but most telecoms companies have not passed these savings on to their customers. If you haven't carried out a cost saving audit in the past couple of years you are pretty much guaranteed to be able to reduce the cost of your phone bills, with savings of up to 70% this is something that should not be ignored by any business.

Telephone system maintenance contracts are another cost that should be reviewed. Contract prices are usually calculated as a percentage of the retail value of the telephone system hardware, software and handsets, with prices often rising on an annual basis to cover inflation and the increased risk of maintaining ageing equipment.

The cost of purchasing or renting a new telephone system has dropped significantly over the past 10 years, as a result businesses with telephone systems older than 5 years can make significant savings by replacing or upgrading their old telephone systems.

A final tip to help reduce your maintenance costs is to ask your maintainer if you can remove your handsets from your contract and buy new ones in the event of handset failures.

Increased Efficiencies

As stated there can be cost saving benefits from replacing or upgrading your telephone system, in addition to this there are constant developments in technology that can help to improve the efficiency of your staff and your business.

Technology such as Call Recording was typically only found in Call Centres and large Corporates due to the high purchase and on-going service costs. Over recent years prices have fallen dramatically, so much so that Call Recording solutions are now affordable by the smallest of SME's. Call Recording provides a fantastic training and monitoring tool and also safeguards businesses that are giving advice or taking orders over the phone, enabling any disputes that may arise to be quickly resolved.

More and more companies are embracing home and mobile working due to the increased efficiency and cost savings this brings. Using technologies such as Voice over IP and the ability to integrate GSM mobile phones to the latest telephone systems, employees are no longer restricted to the ‘office’ as their place of work.

Whether working from home, a hotel, your car or literally anywhere it is possible for you to access all of the features and benefits provided by the latest telephone systems. This not only provides many benefits to your business and your staff but also to your clients and suppliers wanting to contact you.

This details just a few of the many cost saving methods and benefits that can be achieved by carrying out a thorough telecoms review. For a free no-obligation telecoms review please contact Phillip Allum at TGE Solutions on 0843 658 1300 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it