Pete Evans

Pete Evans, Managing Director of Momentum Sales Solutions Ltd, has a passion for developing sales professionals and working with teams and individuals to enhance performance.

A keen follower of sports looking at how businesses can learn from sports philosophies.  He works with business owners, sales managers and sales people to remove the fear from selling.

Pete has worked in diverse sectors of business enabling businesses to grow sustainably.  Equally comfortable in the board room and the shop floor he identifies quickly the unique needs of the business and the challenges it faces and works to shine a light that sparks positive change.

Pete’s business is also the UK partner of SalesStar and for over 10 years SalesStar have been leading the way in the sales development space, helping CEOs and business owners to grow their revenues faster than their competitors, and well above the industry average.

They provide the science behind sales success with a highly predictive process that delivers measurable results.