Award-winning Cellcontrol launches in the UK!

An award winning distracted driving solution has launched in the UK! Intended to protect and control company fleets, Cellcontrol offers a fresh and unique approach to combat the dangers of distracted driving.

Cell Control

Innovative software and features

Cellcontrol was launched in the UK by G2M Technologies, who are specialists in bringing new fleet technologies to the UK market. The safe driving system restricts drivers from using their phone whilst driving to make calls, email, text or use social media. A unique feature of Cellcontrol is that you can tailor it to suit your exact business requirements.

For example, you can reflect your own company's mobile phone polices on the device so that you know that your drivers will always comply with them. You also have the option to lock down a driver's phone completely or you may decide to allow access to some features such as hands free or SatNav use for example.

Software & Features

Cellcontrol's innovative software and features make it the number one choice for businesses' to manage and control their fleets. Designed to be both unobtrusive and efficient, the award-winning system consists of, DriveID, a solar-powered device that is fitted to the windscreen behind the rear-view mirror, DriveProtect, an app on the phone and a web-based administration portal.

DriveID differs from any other product in the market as it is compatible with any vehicle and all popular smartphones, giving you reassurance that drivers are conforming to company policies at all times.

Cell Control

Simple, quick and easy to fit

DrivePerformance is available as an optional extra for further security. It provides telematics information such as driver speed, acceleration and harsh braking, so you will always have precise information about their driving, whatever their location may be. This can be used to spot bad driving patterns and give you the opportunity to debrief drivers. Cellcontrol will also send a notification to the device administrator should a driver attempt to interfere with it.

Fitting Cellcontrol is simple, quick and easy. Within minutes of having Cellcontrol set up, your business and fleet will be instantly protected from the risks that distracted driving can cause. Amongst the many benefits that Cellcontrol can bring to your business is the added security of knowing that the temptation of using the phone whilst driving will be mitigated.

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