A New Take on a Design Classic!

The new Handleless Shaker range The new Handleless Shaker range

IKS interiors are happy to announce that we have partnered with Ashley Ann, one of Scotland’s most prestigious kitchen design & manufacturing companies. Through working together, we are now able to introduce the new Handleless Shaker range.

The Handleless Shaker range is a new take on a classic design; it mixes the traditional look of something you may expect to find in an old or classic kitchen but takes notes from the more modern contemporary design that has taken over the interior design industry in the past few years. The shaker unit has been re-designed, remodelled and re-made.

The combination of a flat door with an integrated handle profile means there is no need for an obtruding handle. This creates a clean and minimalistic look to the unit yet still manages to be the standout component in any kitchen.

Because the Handleless Shaker range can be supplied in a wide range of finishes it can be incorporated into virtually any design of your choosing and is the main reason why many people choose it over other options as it allows them to design a classic kitchen but with a more modern approach to functionality.

IKS Interiors are now one of only a select few companies who can offer the Handless Shaker Range and our team of small, but experienced and tight-knit designers and fitters are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the Handleless Shaker range or any other services.

For more information on our new Handleless Shaker range call Jamie on 0113 225 4666 or visit www.iksinteriors.com