B2B market penetration – never rely on your brand!

I help clients to avoid an expensive mistake in their B2B content marketing. And it's all to do with 'brand'.

The effort you put in to brand-building IS important  – but the competitive B2B market is hard to impress; brand values alone rarely lead to the real conversation you need to have with your potential customers.

And there are two reasons for this:

1. You're reaching out to professional buyers. And this means they're looking for very specific values in your offering, from cost to scalability, flexible delivery to service support. They cut through the ‘brand flannel’ looking only for the strongest, most relevant proposition.

2. You're often speaking to the wrong person. Your contact may be fronting the purchasing team, but are they making the final decisions? Too often they’re not. So your conversation needs to have sufficient dynamic energy and relevance to penetrate deeper in the target company and reach the person who really can say 'yes'.

So, as your content writer (blogs, promo emails, white papers and eBooks), I start with your brand values and find unique solutions to the challenge of translating these into what really matters to your prospects – and to your existing customers too.

I help you get noticed by the people that matter. I give you content that promotes internal sharing and discussion amongst your prospects. And above all, I give you the conversation you need to have with these toughest of all buyers – and one you can convert into profitable sales and client retention.

"We’re getting consistently better results from our email lead generation – and it's all thanks to Rupert’s superb content writing!"
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by Rupert Waddington - www.texteffect.co.uk - B2B promotional content writing