4 Essential Checks for your SEO Company

What should you look for when choosing an SEO company. This guide from Bigfoot Digital should help you choose the right company to get the best results.

The SEO industry often gets a bad reputation due to the small proportion of fakes in the industry or those SEO's who cut corners and don't achieve long term results for their clients. So, to put your mind at ease we have compiled a list of 4 things that are essential for any reputable SEO company to have. Whether you are looking to change your current SEO agency or whether you are embarking on an SEO campaign for the first time.

White hat techniques

White hat and black hat techniques are terms used within the SEO industry to differentiate between good and bad SEO practices. Black hat techniques are SEO shortcuts which can have a quick impact on your websites rankings but will be short lived and often leave your website at high risk of a Google penalty.

White hat techniques, on the other hand, adhere to Google's webmaster guidelines and will ensure that your website has a long term SEO benefit without the risk of dropping out of Google's index. White hat techniques include things such as, acquiring links from relevant and trusted sources and making sure that content and anchor links are natural rather than over-optimised and key word stuffed. White hat techniques will take longer to achieve results but eliminates the high risk so you are guaranteed long term success.

Reporting and Communication

It is essential that you receive monthly reports to assess the effectiveness of the SEO campaign. Much SEO work is offsite and it can be difficult for a company for know exactly what is being done for the amount they are investing. Reporting is best way that an SEO company can showcase their work and campaign results and any reputable agency should be offering this as standard to display their results. Furthermore, close communication with your SEO agency helps to ensure that your marketing goals are met and exceeded to maximise your return on investment.

Google certified

Google has, by far, the biggest proportion of the search engine market. According to Statista, Google UK had 86% of the market share in March 2016. It is safe to say that Google is very important when it comes to online marketing and, more specifically, SEO. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a company which has Google certified employees or is a Google Partner. You can check individuals cetifications on Google Partners public profiles.

Google Certified

If individuals have completed these exams you can be sure that they have demonstrated proficiency in key marketing tools available to them from Google.

Online Security and Assets

Online security for your business should be taken very seriously. Your SEO company will create profiles and links on your behalf. You should make sure that you have access to all log-in details for any profiles/ accounts created by them so you have full control should you wish to work with another company in the future. Furthermore, you should also check that links acquired during your campaign are your own property. If they aren't and you ceased working with them there could be catastrophic consequences for your website visibility if all the links built were suddenly deleted.

There are many SEO companies that achieve great results for businesses and it is a very lucrative form of marketing bringing phenomenal return on investment when done correctly. Use these 4 checks to make sure you choose the right company to carry out your SEO campaign.

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