Why you need an SEO website audit

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Do you know how well your website is performing? Do you want to get found at the top of Google for key phrases that your target market is searching for?

Increase Website Traffic

Being on the first page of Google massively increases the likelihood of a potential customer clicking through to your website and therefore improves the number of visitors you get to your site. The higher up the search engine listings you appear and the larger the number of key phrases you rank for, the greater the number of website visitors you will achieve.

Increase Online Sales

Ultimately, with more relevant traffic visiting your website you should undoubtedly achieve an increase in website enquiries/ sales. An SEO website audit aims to help you identify key areas that you could address to improve your website visibility online.

An SEO audit should detail all of the following as a minimum:

• Indexation accessibility – is the website search engine friendly?
• Duplicate content – frowned upon by search engines
• Page content
• On-page optimisation – fully optimised meta data
• Site architecture and internal linking structure
• Backlink analysis
• Local and international SEO
• Load time
• Security checks
• Mobile friendly
• Conversion analysis

Gain New Customers

Search engine optimisation is a key marketing strategy to gain more new customers via your website. Acquiring high quality links from third party websites plays a big influencing factor in SEO. A backlink acts as a reference for your website but this reference must come from a reliable source to pass trust to you.

By optimising your site so it can be easily read and 'liked' by search engines, ranking highly for relevant search queries can have a huge impact on your business, attracting people searching for your products/ services as well as your brand.

How to get a FREE Website Audit

Bigfoot Digital have just launched a free SEO website audit tool so you can find out exactly what needs to be done to get ahead of your competition in the organic search listings.

To find out more about how Bigfoot Digital can help get your website to the top of Google get in touch today on 01226 720 755, or visit our website for a free, no obligation audit.