What is your B2B marketing mix?

Words by Richard Norman of Brand Yorkshire Words by Richard Norman of Brand Yorkshire

Richard Norman

Richard Norman

We all see and hear around 3000 marketing messages each and every day. How do you get your brand seen and heard above all that noise?

On average you need to be exposed to a brand on at least seven occasions to think about it in your sub-conscious mind. Add to that, 80% of all purchasing decisions are made based on an emotional reason rather than for a rational reason.  

With those figures in mind, it is vital that you get your marketing mix right, both in terms of the activities and language you use. We believe that you need to be both consistent and persistent with your message.

Before you decide on which activities you should use, these questions will need to be answered first.

1. Identify your ideal new clients?
2. Who are the decision makers within those organisations?
3. Where will you find them?
4. What emotions do you think should be used to influence the potential new clients?
5. What is your marketing budget?
6. What is your elevator pitch?
7. When you have answered these questions, you then need to pick some of the most relevant marketing activities for your business or organisation.

Below are just some examples of how to maximise the return on investment.


Look at taking a display stand at business conferences or trade shows.  Pick established and well organised events that are relevant for your sector and business.  Also ensure that the footfall from previous events is large enough for you to maximise your return on investment.  You can also organise your own events to help you get in front of your ideal new customer.

Social Media

Social Media

Social Media

Every large organisation and company throughout the world, now uses social media to engage with their existing clients and also to find new customers. All three main social media platforms have different functions and benefits.

We use LinkedIn and Twitter extensively for all our clients and they provide both us and them with new business opportunities each and every week. By developing a strong social media campaign it will build the all-important trust element with your contacts.

Email Marketing

Whilst the majority of emails are not opened, we gain new business from each and every email campaign that we send out.

Corporate videos

These video marketing statistics provide an interesting read. According to some studies:

• It is 50 times easier to achieve a page 1 ranking on Google with a video
• An introductory email with a video receives an increased click through rate of 96%
• 59% of executives would rather watch a video than read text
• The average user spends 88% more time on website with a video

These and many more statistics prove to us, that the return on investment for you to develop quality corporate videos is huge. That is why we have just launched Brand Yorkshire TV.


Targeted telemarketing still works. Whilst marketing activities such as social media, have become a great tool for all businesses, most people will only buy once they have met face to face. Telemarketing can help you get in front of the right person and also provide you with the necessary research to enable you to make those all important business decisions.

CRM Database

Develop a database of all your contacts. This is part of the value of your business, your intellectual property. These will include your existing clients, people who you have met at networking events and your LinkedIn contacts. This will enable you to keep in touch with all these people, helping to remind them that you are still in the market and also inform them of offers, new products or services.


Your website is your shop window. It is vital to get the visuals and wording right as your website can illustrate what your brand really stands for.


Businesses must use at least basic SEO to help you to get your website recognised by Google. Recent studies show that 50% of developing a strong SEO content comes from good quality back links content marketing.


People buy from people that they trust and like. This allows you to develop long term relationships and referral partners, enabling you to get quality direct leads to your ideal new clients.

These are just some of the marketing activities you could use.

To help you to develop your strategy or to find any more information on any of these activities, please call Richard Norman at Brand Yorkshire.