Recruitment & the Living Wage

Question: When is NOT discriminatory to discriminate? Answer: When the government imposes the New Living Wage.

Nadio Granata

Nadio Granata

So, picture the scenario… a local manufacturing company receives a one-off order to be turned around within 10 days. They call their preferred recruitment agency, requesting 5 temps for the following day… "Oh, and can you make sure they are all under the age of 25".

What does the recruitment agency do?
a) Refuse to service the enquiry
b) Attempt to educate their client of the benefits of recruiting ideal candidates regardless of their age
c) Acquiesce to their demands and run the risk of being prosecuted for 'age discrimination'

Thanks to Messrs Cameron and Osborne, the recruitment industry is currently facing a crisis of conscience which, despite several attempts to get clarity, is still unresolved.

As things stand, when the National Living Wage comes into effect from from 1st April 2016, it falls upon the recruiter to pre-select potential candidates.

Bearing in mind paragraphs 11 and 12 of Schedule 9 of the Equality Act, 2010 seems an impossibility to avoid conflicts going forward. Watch this space!

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