Can you really afford the potential disruption to you and added costs to your company?

Time and time again, we hear of the disruption and costs to companies when commercial travel plans are thrown into disarray for one reason or another.

By Robert Myers

Technical issues, natural disasters, airline and train strikes...the reason isn't important, it's the implications that matter.  Yet some companies still elect to make travel plans themselves online because there's a perception that there's savings to be made. There may be  other reasons, but the true cost (and value) of your travel arrangements goes way beyond the cost of the ticket.

The latest debacle to hit the traveller was the British Airways power outage.  The press had a field day with stories of the poor unfortunates who’s travel plans were turned upside down through no fault of their own. It's true that thousands of people were inconvenienced that weekend, however look beyond the headlines and you'll hear comments from travellers along the lines of "No one told us anything!",  "I was left with no help!", "No one answered my calls!" or, "I couldn't get through to anyone". 

When things do wrong the cost implications can be considerable so you need to know that your travel provider really is at the other end of the phone and available to speak to you 24/7 to get you back on track.

Professional business travel companies like ours invest a significant amount of time and money to provide quality emergency services to assist our valued clients in such circumstances. During the BA system outage we brought in every available member of our emergency team to ensure our clients weren't left stranded.  That makes the difference.  We have a viable system in place staffed by real people. We have the trained team to handle any eventuality and they certainly don't work from a script, they handle each scenario on its own merits and in the clients best interests. 

Whether it's an airline power outage, an ash cloud or a transportation strike, don't expose your business to financial losses because of disrupted travel plans.  Recruit the services of a true team of travel professionals.  It's a service that's worth so much more to your business than the few pounds you might save when you book online.  Oh, one other thing, yes our travel services are available to any company large or small.

Robert Myers
Kennedy Commercial & Media Travel