Construction trend update

Some of the latest construction surveys are illustrating some dramatic changes to the design of new homes, together with changes on how the existing housing stock is being adapted.

Andrew Sotddart highlights some of these changes below:

Andrew Stoddart

Andrew Stoddart

Individually bespoke built houses and extensions are getting bigger

The challenges around land availability and the continued growth in house prices, is continuing to increase the pressure on developers to maximise housing densities. Most areas are also seeing an increase in the average number of floors in new properties, whilst individually built bespoke homes and house extensions are also increasing in size.

Existing homes are being adapted for the requirements of an ageing population

Within the home improvement market, there has been an increase in demand for developing accessible and adaptable design solutions, making it easier for older people to live in far more comfortably. This is enabling older people to stay in their homes form longer or to live with extended family members.

Multi-functional and integrated living/dining/kitchens have become the family social hub

Family living and dining spaces integrated with kitchen spaces, whilst also connected directly to the garden, is one of the main change required by many clients, for both new development and extensions within existing housing stock. There has also been an increase in demand for en-suite bathrooms and for home offices and workspaces. More underfloor heating also is being designed into both new homes and quality home renovations.

An increase in the demand for natural light

The lack of light gained more complaints from existing home owners than any other, so it is no surprise that more floor to ceiling glazing is being designed into new homes. To help energy performance, this also means that people are using triple glazing in their new homes and extensions.

Smart technology

The wish for the integration of smart technologies into new homes and existing housing stock has also increased. With clients wanting integrated broadband and wireless communications systems, programmable lighting and the installation of integrated sound and vision products.

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