It sounds as though I am stating the obvious, but do we really do this? Do you give your customers what they want to buy – or can they only buy what you’re selling?

Recently I watched a YouTube video by Trent Dyrsmid, an American, who said that “the best way to succeed in business is to be in business.” Stick with me! He gave the example of your initial business plan being based on selling green dots. So that’s what you start off selling. Very soon you’re being asked for blue dots, so you add blue dots to your offering and they fly out! Next you begin to sell blue triangles and circles, as well as dots, as your customers open your eyes to the potential market for these. Do you see where I’m going? Where you are in your business a few months or years later, is probably a different place from where your original business plan said you might be.

Are you giving your customers what they want to buy? Or are you trying to sell them what you think they should have? Being rigid in your thinking about what’s best for your clients is all very well, but they will only buy if they need or want it. Make life easy for yourself and make £££££! Listen! Really listen to what your customers want. Then provide it – or walk away. Linking their buying motive with what they told you they want to buy can only increase sales.

By listening to my clients, my prospects, my networking group, by really listening, I know that all businesses want to know how to be better at selling but some small businesses may only be able to release a few people at a time for training. So, Fun Training For Results are proud to be hosting a new, exciting day that welcomes Small Businesses to participate in a fabulous event called “Learn How to Sell in a Day”. The uptake is great because I am giving clients what they want to buy and appealing to their buying motives and capacity to engage.

This idea wasn’t on my business plan!
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