Wednesday, 20 September 2017 11:14

2017 Exhibitors

Please see a list of our Stand Holders for the 2017 Conference:

1 Signal Telecoms Telecom http://signaltelecom.co.uk/
2 BMW Stratstone Car Dealership http://www.stratstoneharrogatebmw.co.uk/
3 BMW Stratstone Car Dealership http://www.stratstoneharrogatebmw.co.uk/
4 Warrens Display Exhibition Displays http://www.warrens.co.uk/
5 Sovereign Wealth Management Finance http://www.sovereign-wealth.co.uk/
6 The Hypnotherapy Guy Hypnotherapy http://www.thehypnotherapyguy.co.uk/
7 Fun Training for results Training https://funtrainingforresults.co.uk/
8 Bond Bryan Architects Architecture http://www.bondbryan.com/
9 Deborah Ogden Business Coaching http://www.deborahogden.com/
10 Impact on Performance Sales/ Business Coaching
11 R & E Finance Finance http://www.refinanceuk.com/
12 On to the Page Bid Consultancy http://www.ontothepage.co.uk/
13 Andisa
14 Subconscious Surgery (Mind Expansion Academy) Therapy http://subconscioussurgery.com/
15 Rradar Limited Law/Legal http://rradar.com/
15A Yorkshire Nu Builds Construction http://yorkshirenubuilds.com/
16 Impact Sales Training Sales Management http://impactsalestraininguk.com/
16A Lamont Jones HR http://www.lamontjones.co.uk/
17 Elite Edge Training Training http://eliteedgetraining.co.uk/
18 Annex Solutions Energy Broker http://www.annexsolutions.co.uk/
19 Linked to Success Social Media http://www.linked2success.co.uk/
20 Eagle Safety Associates Ltd Health & Safety http://www.eaglesafetyassociates.co.uk/
21 Quarterdeck Training https://www.quarterdeck.co/
22 One 360 Marketing Marketing http://one360.co.uk/
23 Chrysos HR HR https://www.chrysos.org.uk/
24 Lumilow Lighting Lighting Suppliers https://www.lumilow.com/
25 EXA Network Internet solutions https://www.exa.net.uk/
26 Lexus Car Dealership https://www.lexus.co.uk/#Introduction
27 Yorkshire Payments Merchant Services http://yorkshirepayments.com/
28 Up & Up (Breathing Space HR) HR http://breathingspacehr.co.uk/
29 Complete Office Solutions Integrated Supplies & services provider http://www.c-o-s.co.uk/
30 Complete Office Solutions Integrated Supplies & services provider http://www.c-o-s.co.uk/
31 Camp Hill Estate Event Venue http://www.camphill.co.uk/
32 Force 24 Marketing Automation https://www.force24.co.uk/
33 Rosse Systems Ltd Fire & Security http://www.rosse-systems.co.uk/
34 Fluid Designs Architecture http://fluiddesignassociates.com/
35 Northern Media Marketing Agency http://www.northernmediauk.com/
36 Travelwise Group Travel http://www.travelwise.co.uk/
37 Watermark Data https://www.watermark.ws/
38 Bettys Catering https://www.bettys.co.uk/
39 Spa Professional Academy CIM Marketing http://spa-pa.co.uk/
40 Radio Yorkshire TV/Radio http://www.radioyorkshire.co.uk/
41 Jumpstart Tax Specialists http://www.jumpstartuk.co.uk/
42 Elcons Employment Law http://elcons.co.uk/
43 Northgate Van Leasing https://www.northgatevehiclehire.co.uk/home
44 Northgate Van Leasing https://www.northgatevehiclehire.co.uk/home
45 Birchenall Howden IT Support https://www.birchenallhowden.co.uk/
46 Birchenall Howden IT Support https://www.birchenallhowden.co.uk/
47 Coface Insurance http://www.coface.com/
48 PAPI Project Education https://www.papi.org.uk/
49 APPT APP Design App Development http://appt-app-design.co.uk/
50 Russell Richardson Secure Document shredding http://www.russellrichardson.co.uk/
51 Origos Executive Coaching https://www.origos.co.uk/
52 BML Creative Marketing https://bml-creative.co.uk/
53 Voodoo SMS Messaging https://www.voodoosms.com/
54 Juice Personnel Recruitment http://www.juicepersonnel.co.uk/
55 Smart PA Support Business Support https://www.smart-pa.com/uk/
56 The Technology Group Technology http://www.technology-group.com/
57 The Technology Group Technology http://www.technology-group.com/
58 Value Exchange Linked in https://www.linkedintraining.co.uk/
59 Debt Collection Services UK / C W Harrison & Co Finance http://www.dcscollect.co.uk/
60 Napoleons Casino Entertainment https://www.napoleons-casinos.co.uk/
61 North America Travel Travel https://www.northamericatravelservice.co.uk/
62 First net solutions IT http://www.firstnet-solutions.com/
63 First net solutions IT http://www.firstnet-solutions.com/
64 Image Co Wide Format Print Specialists http://imagecoltd.com/
65 Image Co Wide Format Print Specialists http://imagecoltd.com/
66 Time Communications Telecoms http://time-tele.com/
67 Website Warehouse Web Design https://www.thewebsitewarehouse.com/
68 Claro Communications Telecommunications http://www.clarocomms.co.uk/
69 AB Print Group Print Media http://www.abprintgroup.com/
70 University of York Education https://www.york.ac.uk/
71 More Giving Finance http://moregiving.co.uk/contact-us/
72 Clear Supplies Furniture and Clothing http://www.clearsuppliesinteriors.com/
73 Display Wizard Exhibition Stands https://www.displaywizard.co.uk/
74 Display Wizard Exhibition Stands https://www.displaywizard.co.uk/

76 Vital IT & Technology https://www.vital.co.uk/
77 Vital IT & Technology https://www.vital.co.uk/
78 Select Homeware Homeware http://www.selecthomeware.co.uk/
79 Worldpay Finance http://www.worldpay.com/uk/home-2
80 Euler Hermes Credit insurance http://www.eulerhermes.com/Pages/default.aspx
81 York Science Park Science park http://www.yorksciencepark.co.uk/
82 Lucas Media Videos/Media http://www.lucas.media/
83 Packetts Insurance Insurance https://packetts.com/
84 Altodigital Networks Limited Technology http://www.altodigital.com/
85 CCS 2000 Ltd Information Technology https://ccs2000.co.uk/
86 ABS UK Managed print http://abs-print.co.uk/
87 Kulahub CRM Email Marketing http://www.kulahub.com/
88 Aurora Tech Support IT Support https://www.auroracomputers.co.uk/
89 Signature Flooring Flooring

90 BE Group Business training http://www.be-group.co.uk/
91 Michael Lewin Solicitors http://michaellewin.co.uk/
92 Premium Collections Debt Recovery http://www.premiumcollections.co.uk/
93 Digital Plus Graphics https://www.digitalplus.co.uk/
94 One Stop Business Finance Finance http://www.osbf.co.uk/
95 All My Systems Business Systems http://www.allmysystems.co.uk/
96 Pro- Development Uk Ltd Training http://www.pro-development.co.uk/
97 Cloud Phone Company Telecoms https://www.cloud-phone.co.uk/
Friday, 25 August 2017 11:52

Pete Evans

Pete Evans, Managing Director of Momentum Sales Solutions Ltd, has a passion for developing sales professionals and working with teams and individuals to enhance performance. A keen follower of sports looking at how businesses can learn from sports philosophies.  He works with business owners, sales managers and sales people to remove the fear from selling.

Pete has worked in diverse sectors of business enabling businesses to grow sustainably.  Equally comfortable in the board room and the shop floor he identifies quickly the unique needs of the business and the challenges it faces and works to shine a light that sparks positive change.

Pete’s business is also the UK partner of SalesStar and for over 10 years SalesStar have been leading the way in the sales development space, helping CEOs and business owners to grow their revenues faster than their competitors, and well above the industry average.

They provide the science behind sales success with a highly predictive process that delivers measurable results.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017 11:58


It sounds as though I am stating the obvious, but do we really do this? Do you give your customers what they want to buy – or can they only buy what you’re selling?

Tuesday, 15 August 2017 11:23

How new PRA changes will affect landlords

Whether your a landlord, mortgage broker, or just have an interest in the Buy to Let market, you will need to know about the planned Prudential Regulation Authority changes.
The new standards will be applied by 30th September 2017 and we have summarised below how they will affect Buy to Let mortgage applications.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017 11:08

The Gift of Presence

Last year an advert from a well-known Swedish furniture store went viral.  It featured an experiment where children were asked to write and tell their parents what they really wanted from them for Christmas.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017 10:44

The power of the changing room - know your team

Understanding your team's personalities and idiosyncrasies allows you to form meaningful relationships. Former head of development at Manchester City, Peter Lowe draws on his experience in football and teaching to outline how to form bonds with your people.

Tuesday, 08 August 2017 13:53

Walter Was A Taker

So, we all know that there are givers and takers in this life. There are watchers and doers and the “let’s talk about it” people who wait for someone else to push the boat out.

Tuesday, 08 August 2017 13:46

Residential Property Investment-Should you opt for a limited company?

Many property investors and associated professionals will already be aware of the governments ambition to reduce the number of private BTL landlords in the market in favour of the larger institutional investors.

Tuesday, 08 August 2017 13:34

Do You Suffer From LinkedIn Parapet Syndrome?

Have you ever found yourself thinking "I'd like to send that person a LinkedIn connection request" and instead, you hesitate and think better of it?

Tuesday, 08 August 2017 13:21

How business values dictate purchase behaviour

People and businesses do not buy on facts, they buy according to their highest values.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017 11:31

The dos and donts of auction property

Buying Commercial or Residential properties at auction is becoming increasingly common, as investors and developers are attracted by apparent bargains on offer.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017 10:28

First impressions … the decision is made as you walk through the door

You cannot avoid making a first impression, whether you are pitching, presenting or networking at a conference!  Recently published research emphasises why it is so important to get it right.

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