Laura Bouttell 10.40am-11.00am

KPI Zzzzz...

Time: 10.40am-11.00am
As business leaders we measure many things that our employees do. We might measure how many calls they make, emails they send, sales they make, their chargeable hours, their lunch breaks, their CPD hours. One thing we don’t measure though, or encourage them to do more of, is sleep.
Giving ourselves an 8 hour sleep opportunity is one of the most powerful changes we can make to increase our effectiveness at work. The last 30 years of sleep research has concluded that no one, absolutely no one, is ‘fine' getting by on 4 or 5 hours sleep a night. And yet that’s precisely what we allow, even encourage, our employees to do, especially senior teams. Kudos is earned with fewer sleep hours. This has to change if we are to work effectively for sustainable periods. Believe it or not measuring the Zzzzs might well be the best way to get more ££££££s.

About Laura
Laura is the Managing Director of Quarterdeck - Inspirational Leadership Consultants, yet this is only one chapter in her successful and varied career. Laura has 3 degrees, 2 of which are from Oxford University where she received a distinction for her Masters.
She is a published author and editor. Having joined the Police in Chapeltown, Leeds, Laura qualified as Sergeant in as short a time as is possible and was about to be promoted when she left to start her own Interior Design company, through which she featured in television shows such as, the Home show and Relocation Relocation Relocation, and in magazines such as 25 Beautiful Homes, Country House and Yorkshire Life on a regular basis.
Laura accredits her success in various fields to her ability to ask for, accept, and act on feedback. It is, she states, the single most important factor in personal development.

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