Jo Tomlinson 2.20pm- 2.40pm

"Ready, Steady… Grow!"

Time: 2.20pm to 2.40pm

Have you started a new business and want it to grow, or have you been working in your own business for some time, and can’t seem to get the growth you want? Why is it that some businesses grow and some don’t? Why is it that some businesses grow quickly and some more slowly? Jo Tomlinson is an experienced Growth Coach with her own growing business and she can help you to understand why your business isn’t growing in the way you want it to, and how you can achieve the dreams and aspirations you had when you started your business, before the day job got in the way.

About Jo Tomlinson BA (hons) ACMA

Jo is the owner of Business Works UK, a value based advisory service who solve real problems and needs for their clients. Our clients want more from their Accountant than an end of year history lesson. They want to work with advisors who they trust to give them advise on their business. This is a long-term relationship strategy.

Jo started her accountancy practice after working for 20 years in industry as a commercial and management accountant. Jo wanted to create a business model which satisfied the needs of SME businesses. Having spent time working in big Blue Chip businesses, supporting decision making and improving profitability, Jo wanted to bring these skills to the SME’s she represented too.

After being made redundant for the third time, Jo decided to set up an Accountancy practice and be in charge of her own destiny. Jo considers herself a problem solver first and an Accountant second which could often lead to her becoming bored with the routine of permanent roles after a couple of years. “I would generally take a role where there were problems to solve” says Jo, “often a lack of working processes, procedures and systems, but always an analytical challenge for me to get my teeth into. But once these were resolved and things were running smoothly, if I couldn’t find something to challenge me within the organisation, I would end up looking elsewhere”. With a growing business of her own and around 150 businesses that are represented by Business Works, Jo is never short of a challenge any more.

As well as doing the legal and compliance services, which are traditionally what is expected of an Accountancy Practice, Business Works supports and advices clients and coaches them to help them to achieve the dreams and goals they had when they started out in business.


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